The following historic hot dog photographs are available upon request from the Council for use in publications, with credit to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Please submit your request to Webmaster, please indicate in the subject line request for photography from Specify which photos you are requesting, your name, address, publication and file resolution requirements. Please allow up to one week for photos. Because of the age of the photograph, file resolution and size is limited for some photos.

H1 - Hot Dog Davy - National Hot Dog Month mascot created by Al Capp.

H2 - Jayne Masfield - Before she got her big break in Hollywood, Masfield won a featured role in 1950 as Miss Hot Dog Ambassador.

H3 - Jerry Lewis - Lewis, the prolific film and tv star and comedian enjoying hot dogs in the 1950s.

H4 - Jerry Lewis

H5 - Jimmy Nelson and sidekick Danny O'Day. The pair were featured in the early days of television on Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater.

H6 - Dagwood with a monster of a hot dog.

H7- Red Skelton and Jay North. North is best remembered for his role as Dennis in the 1950s Dennis the Menace TV Series. Skelton is America's most famous clown.

H8 - Former Soviet Premeir Nikita Kruschev enjoying a hot dog in Des Moines, Iowa during his 1959 tour of the United States.


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