MLB Madness Bracket to Choose the Best Baseball Hot Dog

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council Launches MLB Madness Bracket to Choose the Best Baseball Hot Dog

Classic and Unique Hot Dogs and Sausages Square Off in Third Annual Hot Dog Bracket

Washington D.C., March 16, 2015—Baseball spring training is in full swing and the NCAA basketball tournament tips off this week so the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) is combining the best of both with a bracket to determine America’s favorite Major League Baseball hot dog. Starting today, people can vote for their favorite baseball hot dogs in a March Madness style tournament. Voting will be conducted online via polls on the NHDSC Facebook page and will continue throughout the month with a winner announced on April 6th, coinciding with baseball’s opening day, the NCAA Tournament final, and the release of the annual NHDSC baseball hot dog survey, which chronicles the number of hot dogs served at major league ballparks. Last year fans ate 21.4 million hot dogs during the season.

“The variety of hot dogs at different baseball stadiums inspire as much passion as the teams themselves,” said Eric Mittenthal, NHDSC vice president of public affairs. “We’re giving fans the opportunity to decide which hot dog is truly a grand slam and should be crowned baseball hot dog champion.”

The bracket features a classics side and unique hot dog side. The classic hot dogs include many of the icons of the game including the Dodger Dog, Fenway Frank, Wrigley Field Chicago Dog, Yankees Nathans Dog, Brewers Bratwurst, Cincinnati Skyline Chili Dog, Cleveland’s Sugardale dog and the Tigers Coney Dog.

The unique hot dogs in the bracket include more recent favorites such as the Rangers Boomstick, Diamondbacks D-Bat Corn Dog, Orioles Crab Mac and Cheese Dog, Tigers Poutine Dog, Pirates Polish Hill Dog, Braves Dixie Dog, Phillies Cheesesteak Dog and Nationals DMV dog.

Each day fans will vote for their preferred hot dog with the winners moving on until the ultimate champion is crowned. 

Hot dog fans won’t just be choosing their favorite hot dogs, they have a chance to win as well. NHDSC t-shirts will be given away to people who vote in all 15 matchups on Facebook. The participant who shares the polls with the most people on Facebook will win a gift card for his or her favorite hot dogs or sausage.

This is the third “March Madness” hot dog tournament hosted by the NHDSC. Last year’s bracket featured favorite condiments with mustard winning in a landslide. Previously, the West Virginia dog with chili, mustard and coleslaw atop a wiener on a steamed bun was the upset pick in a bracket featuring regional hot dog and sausage varieties.

To view this year’s bracket, vote for your favorites and to see more NHDSC updates, check out the Council’s official Facebook page.

About the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council: Established in 1994 by the American Meat Institute, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council serves as an information resource to consumers and media on questions related to quality, safety, nutrition and preparation of hot dogs and sausages. The Council also celebrates hot dogs and sausages as iconic American foods.